A look into the locksmith industry

If you are having trouble with a lock and live in the Northampton area, you are in luck. Our locksmiths are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to tackle even the most challenging of locks. Whether you are the owner of a modern UPVC door or a more antique lock, we are fully equipped to handle the situation and provide a solution.

The locksmith trade is one that is home to many interesting facts that you may wish to know. Many locksmiths begin their journey as an apprentice. This is done because it is a wonderful opportunity to gain invaluable hands-on experience by doing tasks around the main office or by going out into the field with an expert locksmith. Aside from the experience aspect, it allows the professionals to make sure that their students have the right kind of attitude towards the industry. There are many places that require a locksmith to hold a licence and those who hold a voluntary certification have proved that they meet the high standards for training and experience.

One very fascinating fact is that Harry Houdini worked as a locksmith prior to his more famous career move. The man known as the great escape artist learned many of his secrets by constantly practicing on and studying real locks. This shows his dedicated to his craft and the interesting background of a celebrated performer.

If they are good enough locksmiths can duplicate almost any key, including those for automatic keys. This allows them to help people gain access to their properties as well as vehicles and safes too. If the key cannot be duplicated doors may still be able to be opened without resorting to destructive methods. We have the skills to do this, particularly if the problem is caused by a faulty deadbolt.

At TMN Locksmiths we have a comprehensive range of services available with the purpose of solving any lock issue. We can work on master key systems, provide door repairs and security upgrades, and offer new keys to name a few of the things we can offer. We are based in Grange Park, just outside of Northampton, giving us quick access to clients all over the city. With our fast and effective service, we are the company for you in an emergency.