Welcome to our dedicated Locksmiths Northampton page.

Imagine being on your way home after a busy day, or on your way to work to open the business for the day, only to realise to your horror that you have lost your keys somewhere. No doubt you’ll start to feel the beginnings of panic. Locked out of your home or establishment with no means of getting inside without breaking a window or some other means of vandalising is a scenario that nobody ever wants to face. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to ensure that you have the number of a professional locksmith on you at all times. This way, you can always get back inside your property, and never have to worry about accidentally being locked out ever again.

If you’re looking for locksmiths in Northampton, then you’ll find none that can provide you with a level of quality as high as what’s available at TMN Locksmiths. Ever since our establishment back in 2010, we have provided them with our unique level of service. Over the years, our company has been met with great success, and continues to grow as a virtue of our rapidly increasing reputation. Our growing popularity is a result of multiple factors, with the primary one being the high level of commitment we have for our clients. Much of our business comes from both repeat customers, and clients that have been introduced to us by recommendation.

We appreciate the fact that people calling us are likely doing so in an emergency. As a result we strive to arrive on the scene as quickly as we can to offer our expert help. We also understand that keys have a tendency to be lost at the most awkward of times. A common case often happens after a night of drinking and enjoyment. Have no fears though. To make sure we can always offer assistance where we are needed, our services are always available, every day of the year 24/7.

We don’t just specialise in allowing in entry to locked out places. We can have new locks installed, maintain and repair old ones, perform complete door fittings and offer security upgrades. We can gain access to any premise. No lock is beyond our skills to open. Be sure you call us for any of your lock related needs. Our number is 01604 456 188. Make sure you have it somewhere safe on you at all times just in case.