Looking after locks in multi-occupancy buildings

We are here to provide the community with a comprehensive locksmith service that is available 24/7. People need help all the time, especially at night. Whatever the time, we cannot leave them stuck outside. When we receive a call, we respond quickly and make our way to the client usually within 45 minutes.

It is possible for locks to become faulty in any building. In most cases general wear and tear is to blame, as is ageing. However, other issues include attempts to break in, vandalism, or forceful use. Within shared buildings, regardless of whether it is domestic or commercial, if there is a faulty lock, there may not be as much urgency to fix it. However, in addition to being inconvenient, faulty locks come with several consequences.

Security risks

Locksmiths NorthamptonFirstly, doors that don’t close or lock correctly are security risks. By not contacting a locksmith, you will be running the risk of people just randomly walking in. Locks are meant to stop individuals like this from going into a building. As a result, you have to take care of a faulty lock as soon as possible. According to statistics, two in three burglars, gain access through a door, even if you lock it. Having an unlocked door is basically an invitation to these people.

Your office or home within a shared structure may have additional locked doors. Even so, a main door with a broken lock increases the security threat considerably. A single faulty lock merely means one lock less to slow the burglars down.

You might discover that your building’s main door needs repairing. If it does, by not taking responsibility for it, you put your own property at risk. It is the same for those belonging to the other occupants. Speak to us if you require help from the foremost locksmiths Northampton has.

Insurance claims

Another important detail here is that failing to take action or report on a faulty lock negatively influences your insurance. To put it simply, if you fail to make sure that all access points are secured correctly, you can void your policy. You can also negatively impact the insurance of everyone else in the multi-occupancy structure.

Insurance establishments often say that if locks don’t work, you have not done sufficient work to protect your property. When you try to make a claim if you have not done that with your locks, chances are you won’t receive anything.

First rate services from top locksmiths in Northampton

At TMN Locksmiths, we are here to provide excellent services to everyone that needs them. We employ very experienced and certified technicians that excel in non-destructive entry. You don’t have to worry about us damaging your doors or their frames. When we open the doors, we can also make any improvements that are necessary. This could include lock repairs or upgrades.

So, if you require assistance from the best locksmiths Northampton has, feel free to contact us anytime. We have the skills to cater for almost any kind of building and work with most types of locks.