A Modern Day Way To Leave The Key Under The Mat

There are a few of us who are of an age that can remember not giving a second thought to the idea of leaving a key to our home underneath the welcome mat or beneath a flower pot by the front door. This was a convenient thing to do when you were expecting a guest to arrive whilst out, or if you wanted to leave an easy way for access to your home in case of an emergency. Whilst there are many who still want and need this convenience, a more secure option is needed. We provide a suitable, modern day alternate to this in the form of a key safe.

A key safe does exactly what the name suggests. It’s a lockable box place near your front door, and is designed to keep a spare key to your home for either emergencies or people you’re happy to allow to access where you live. The key safes we install feature a 4 or 5 digit combination to open them. This is a code that you can make available friends, family or anyone that you know needs to go inside your house. Changing the code to a new one is quite straightforward, and can be done as often as you feel it necessary to do so.

We, as one of the most experienced and trusted locksmiths in Northampton, were one of the first to endorse the use of key safes in the area. They provide a simple, safe and reliable means of allowing someone to come in to your home without you being there in a way that doesn’t see you handing keys out or leaving them in unsafe places.

As part of the comprehensive services we provide in relation to all lock and key matters, we’re able to help you in selecting the best form of key safe for placement at your home. Our team of professional experts will also install it for you, and provide you with complete training in how to use it and with respect to how to set the code for it. Whilst it’s no longer advisable to leave a key under the front door mat in this day and age, you can still safely do the same thing today by using a key safe.