The Northampton heroes of locksmithing

Faulty locks can not only lead to problems in your personal life, but if you find an issue with locks at your business or with a safe that contains vital items, it could impede the progress and profits you gain too. At TMN Locksmiths based in Northampton, we offer an array of locksmithing services that can help to get your life back to normal.

Locksmithing is the art of designing and producing locks for securing different categories of buildings and items. It has a rich and extensive history dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt. It was in this time that locksmiths used wooden devices to prevent free movement of door bars. The pins on the door locks could only be moved with special wooden keys that bore resemblance to modern day toothbrushes.

Techniques evolved over the years and finally in 18th century Europe, locksmiths were able to create more durable locks and keys from metal. Once cheap industrial ones took over the market, the profession was forced to adapt to the repairing of these and replicate keys for those people who needed spares.

Our locksmith service offers fantastic quality because our team is both highly experienced and professional. They are able to work on a variety of locks, from those in modern UPVC doors to more antique lock designs. If you are worried about damage to your doors then there is no need to fret as we are specialists in non-destructive entry. When we have gained access to your property and have inspected the locks, we offer advice on whether they need replacing or if it would be better to upgrade for more security. If you find that your property has been burgled and your door has suffered damage, we are fully equipped to repair them regardless of whether they are exterior or interior.

A fantastic result of our top-quality service is that we have been highly commended by our clients. Many of them have offered us repeat services and others have recommended us to family and friends. Due to our location in Grange Park, we are able to quickly access our clients all over Northampton. If you find yourself in need of locksmith services, we are the first choice when it comes to choosing a company.