One number you should save

It’s always a good idea to have the number of a good locksmith close at hand, as they can quickly get you back to security if you find yourself locked out or the victim of a break in. Both situations can be immensely stressful and it is a great comfort to be able to phone someone and arrange for them to come out and help you gain access or secure the property in a short space of time.

If the criminals have broken your door to gain access, you’ll need to fix this quickly to make the building secure again. A locksmith is well equipped to do this, whether it is by temporarily installing emergency boarding or repairing frames so a brand new door can be fitted right away. The service will obviously depend on the time of the day when the incident occurs and the suggestions of the police but you can be confident professional locksmiths will offer the right option.

By having a number on hand in advance you reduce the need to search for a provider that offers the kind of services you need. This also means you can enquire about their skills, experience and pricing in advance to make sure they are professional and trustworthy.

At TMN 24hr Locksmith we provide round the clock services for clients all over Northampton. We can be on hand quickly at any time of the day or night to help you access or secure your property. Our locksmiths are highly trained so they can fit emergency boarding, repair damaged doors and locks or install brand new ones, amongst various other services. We ensure that our vans are well stocked with a wide variety of parts so we can usually complete jobs in a single visit rather than causing you further delays.

Alongside the initial securing and repairs, we can also offer security advice. When you suffer a break in it is important that you take extra measures to keep your property safe in the future. This could involve upgrading doors and windows or installing additional measures like security bars.

We proudly serve clients in both the domestic and commercial sectors, delivering the same high level of service to all kinds of property owners. Whatever your needs, you can call on our locksmiths in Northampton to help you.