It’s best not to overestimate uPVC windows

Locks can be troublesome, but when they prevent you from entering your home in the middle of the night they become even more problematic. Fortunately for you, ours is a company that provides a 24/7 locksmithing service, offering help whenever it is required. Whatever the issue at hand, one call to us and you will have the best locksmiths Northampton has rushing to help you.

While locksmithing might be our primary service, it isn’t all that we are limited to. Window repairs also form a part of our business and are vital towards maintaining the security of your property, whether it is a home or a business premises.

If you spot broken and rotten frames, cracks, or even some scratches, then a bit of window repair work may be on the cards. Windows that have been either repaired or fitted inadequately can lead to draughts, lowering the overall temperature and landing you with a rather expensive heating bill. This is not the only thing to worry about though, because if left in their vulnerable state, windows give thieves easy access to your property. To help in overcoming these problems, professional assistance should be sought out.

We have a particular speciality when it comes to uPVC windows and numerous property owners choose to go with this model due to the low maintenance. After one of these windows has been installed, the mere thought of repairs seems like a past dream. Don’t let your guard down however, because while they don’t deteriorate as fast as other designs, repair work shall still prove necessary every so often. Be it the locks, hinges, handles, or the window glass itself, certain components will likely need replacing at some point.

At TMN Locksmiths in Northampton we do all that we can to make your home feel as secure as possible. Since our founding, we’ve managed to build a reputation on work that is quick, reliable and performed to the highest of standards. So that they’re able to resolve the problem there and then, our technicians carry all the proper tools and equipment when they are called out for a job.

If you require our aid, regardless of the time of day or night, please get in touch with us.