Many people are concerned about lock bumping

For many years, locksmiths have used the method of bumping a lock to gain access to properties where keys have been stolen, misplaced or have broken. It’s an effective method in over 90% of cylinder-type locks and, as with any other technique, it takes time and proactise to master it. The technique involves using a manufacturers “bump key” in the lock whilst applying pressure to the back of the key and manipulating it in a certain way to prize open.

The problem is that people who intend to use the technique maliciously have developed ways to do it themselves, thus being able to gain entry to properties without leaving any evidence of breaking in. If anything is stolen, it will obviously be easier for a criminal to get away with it as there will be little to link them to the break-in.

In order to remove the risk of falling victim to lock bumping, which can leave no trace of any entry and cause a lot of costly repercussions, it’s important to install locks that are of new standards and designed to not allow for lock picking. Our locksmiths in Northampton supply all major lock brands and also the 5-lever British Standard Mortice Deadlock (BS3621-2004). These locks are built with anti-pick devices that reduce the chances of having your system manipulated.

We can offer you security advice that will help you to protect your home, family and possessions and can save you money on some of the most popular brands out there. To find out more about how we can help you, call us. Our service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you’ll never be left on your own in a tricky situation.