The most popular locations for lost keys

No matter how careful we are, we all seem to lose our keys at some point. Whether you cannot find them in the house or you reach the door only to discover you don’t have them in your bag, it is something that happens to us all. We have put together a list of places that keys often turn up to help you the next time you find yourself frantically rushing around to find them.

Everyone has experienced the frustration of looking in one place several times for our keys to suddenly appear there. Drawers are a major culprit. As they are usually filled with objects it is easy for a key to get lost, so if all else fails try looking that one last time.

Buses see a lot of lost keys. From failing to notice they have fallen out of your pocket, to a fellow passenger accidentally covering them with a bag or coat, there are many reasons why there are so many keys sitting in lost and found boxes in bus stations. This goes for taxis too, so be sure to always check your seat before you exit any form of public transport.

Placing keys on shop counters so you can get out your money to pay the bill is something many of us do. Another popular move is to forget to pick them back up altogether. Dark pubs and nightclubs are very easy places to lose keys. After a few drinks we can forget to close purses and bags properly and end up going home keyless.

Strangely enough, there are many keys that find their way into sewers. Many people report dropping their keys whilst standing over or close to a drain. Another common place is at the home of a friend or family member, and more often than not people panic about their misplaced keys when they are in fact dangling from the ignition of their car.

If you do find yourself arriving home without your keys retrace your steps and contact the places you have been that day. If you do not have any luck getting your keys back it can be a worry that they may fall into the wrong hands. Our locksmiths in Northampton will come to your aid, change the locks on your property and make it secure again. We know that losing keys is stressful, but our swift and affordable locksmith services will get you back in your home in no time and quickly restore your peace of mind.