Property Repossession Northampton

One of the toughest things a landlord will ever have to do is take back possession of a property from a bad tenant. It can become a very difficult situation. However, they can call on us for help. We offer the most reliable property repossession Northampton landlords can ask for. Our goal is to make the service as easy as possible.


The first service we can offer is actually helping you gain access to the property. The tenants may have refused to hand over the keys and locked you out. If so we can provide a non-destructive solution to open the locks. This is much better than having to damage and then replace the door.

Changing locks

LocksmithSecurity can become a big issue at the end of a tenancy. The landlord will want to ensure that the old tenants cannot return later and still gain entry to the property. While asking them for the keys is all well and good, you can’t be certain they didn’t keep a spare. You also can’t control who else they gave the keys to. So, the best solution is to change the locks.

We can change all kinds of locks for you. This includes those on entrance doors as well as windows. As a result you can be confident that you have the only copies until you hand them to the new tenants. We only use high quality replacement parts, ensuring they meet the right standards. That is one of the reasons why we are the top name for property repossession Northampton has.


Sadly sometimes tenants are so bad that they damage parts of the property. As a result you may find you need services to replace windows and doors. Luckily we can help here too. Our team can provide both replacements for you, offering expert fitting.

Any kind of property

Our locksmiths have a huge amount of experience and the best skills. As a result we can provide services for many different properties. For example, domestic landlords can trust us to help them access family houses, flats, and more. In addition, we can work with owners of commercial properties.

Expert property repossession in Northampton

TMN Locksmith has a great reputation for offering quality services every hour of the day. We are a proud local company with a very skilful team. When you need us, we will do our best to get to you within as little as 30 minutes.

So, if you want the best quality property repossession Northampton can offer, contact us. We can handle it for you and have excellent prices for all services.