Protect valuables in your home

Burglary is a crime that unfortunately happens every day across the world. Although the numbers of burglaries have decreased on average throughout the UK in recent years, it’s still important to make sure that you take all of the measures you can to safeguard your property, family and valuables. In fact, the decrease in figures is thought to be due to home owners becoming more vigilant and taking precautionary action.

When considering security around your property, it’s important to consider why potential intruders would wish to target your property in the first place, and if they were to attempt it, how would they gain entry?

Over 60% of burglary attempts on homes with alarm systems are unsuccessful, but only 25% of homes actually have a working alarm. For this reason, it’s important to check that yours works and if not, to replace it with the help of a registered company. In addition, you must keep valuables out of sight, or you risk attracting thieves. The most common items stolen during domestic break-ins include portable electrical devices (such as e-readers and tablets), computers, jewellery and cash. These can make your home an easy target if they are left in a place that makes them noticeable from the outside, such as in front of a window. It’s recommended to invest in a safe to keep your valuables out of sight.

Another thing to take into consideration is, if your property is targeted, how the thieves will be able to enter. You can protect yourself with security upgrades like grilles, lock replacements, and stronger doors and windows. You’ll require the help and assistance of a qualified locksmith in this event. We are a team of locksmiths in Northampton who are dedicated to delivering reliable, prompt services throughout the local area. Whether you have misplaced your keys, had your bag stolen or experienced a break-in you can always rely on our team to be there for you. Our 24 hour call-out service means that you’ll never be left without a solution.

We can provide lock replacements and repairs as well as helping you upgrade your security. Unlike many other locksmiths, our prices are transparent and competitive, meaning that you’ll always receive value for money and will never be overcharged for the work we do. Contact us for further information about our locksmiths in Northampton, or save our number in case of emergency.