Reasons why a lock might not latch correctly

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If a door latch is not able to click into the correct position, this normally means that the strike plate and latch are out of alignment. The first thing to try when looking to rectify the situation is tightening the hinge screws and attempting to alter the strike plate by loosening its screws and then moving it slightly.

Whenever it’s feasible, a much simpler approach would be to file the slot within the plate a little so that it can accept the latch. Changing the strike plate’s current placement typically consists of motorising the lamb, filling a section of the old mortise and so on. Misalignments can also be remedied by replacing the plate with one that allows for adjustments.

Latches can stick for a plethora of reasons but the majority of them can be amended with ease. The hinge screws should be examined to see if they are tight and if the door happens to be out of alignment. If this is the case the latch shall end up binding. The lock assembly and knob should also be inspected for misalignments or loose screws. Lastly, the door jam’s strike may also need inspecting. If it’s not adjusted properly or is blocked, the latch won’t be able to run freely in and out.

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