Securing a property after repossession

When a property needs to be repossessed, it is essential that the building is left secure. As part of this, the locks on all external doors may need to be changed to prevent unauthorised access by any individuals. The service should be provided by an experienced locksmith to ensure it is done to a high standard and the doors are left secured.

Occasionally when the locksmith arrives to change the locks they first need to open them because the keys are not available. Typically the locksmiths will use non-destructive methods to do this including picking the locks if it is possible.

County Court Bailiffs attending to a property repossession are allowed to break in if they need to. This means they can advise the locksmith to use a destructive method to gain entry if it is absolutely necessary.

If breaking into the property is required, the locksmith can be tasked with making it secure after entry. This can include boarding up broken windows or doors, conducting repairs or installing replacements. The service will naturally depend on the situation and the requirements of the property owner.

As you can see, locksmiths provide a wide range of essential services when a property is to be repossessed. Each aspect of the service needs to be delivered to a professional standard to ensure the building is left safe and secure.

At TMN Locksmiths we have extensive experience with repossessions and offer a range of services for clients across Northampton, helping to secure properties when it is required. Our highly trained team offer services around the clock so we can handle all scheduling requirements. If you want a quality service from a provider you can rely on, please contact us. We can answer questions, offer advice and share our knowledge with all of our clients.