Securing rental accommodation after tenant eviction

The UK now has large numbers of renters and it is predicted that almost a quarter of all UK households will be privately rented by 2025. As a result of this rising number, many landlords experience troublesome tenants that fail to pay their rent on time, cause problems for the neighbours or damage the rental property. In most cases, landlords try to resolve issues before terminating the tenancy, but this is not always possible and in some cases an eviction order needs to be served.

When landlords evict tenants they often feel the need to change the property’s existing locks. This may not always be absolutely necessary, but it does give landlords the peace of mind that the evicted tenants cannot gain access if they return. People in rented accommodation often have concerns that previous tenants may still have keys for the property. This can be very disconcerting, but by changing the locks you can reassure your new tenants that they are the only key holders.

Our locksmiths provide a professional service throughout the Northampton area and we work on a 24 hour basis. We understand the problems that landlords can experience with bad tenants and we are here to help 7 days a week. We can fit new locks on both the internal and external doors of your property, maximising your security and ensuring that no previous key holders can gain unauthorised entry.

Our complete range of services offers every solution, from repairing and replacing locks and installing new ones altogether. We also offer master key systems, complete door fitting, security upgrades along with securing a property following repossession. If you are a landlord and you need to change the locks after an eviction, just give us a call and we will recommend the best way to secure your property at highly competitive prices.