Security considerations for safes

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Due to their extensive experience our locksmiths know a fair share about safes. No safe is impregnable. Generally all you need is enough time and the proper tools. Knowing this, it is wise to hide it and keep its existence a secret. You should take a myriad of other security considerations into account as well. You can find details of some of them below.

The locking bolts

One of the most important areas you’ll have to look at are the locking bolts. Examine the metals that fix these bolts inside the door. A bolt might appear solid at first glance. However, the metal won’t do you much good if the internal mechanism is terrible. Bolts sit on carrier rails within the door. It’s essential that the railings are solid too. When shopping for safes, ask someone to remove the interior door panel so you can look inside.

Fire resistance

The next thing we’re going to discuss is fire resistance. You would typically attain fire protection by sliding a piece of sheetrock into the safe wall. Remember that you can’t defend goods given sufficient time and an extreme temperature. Right now, no standard certification or test for this purpose exists. Nevertheless, you should seek out a safe with a resistance to 1,200 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes at minimum.

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