Security issues you should consider when moving house

At TMN we have a very highly trained team of security conscious locksmiths Northampton residents can call on for excellent services. We strive to offer round the clock support and can address various requirements.

When moving into a new house you must firstly replace the current locks using a professional and fully qualified locksmith. You should ideally replace the locks with a patented locking system as they carry legal protection preventing them from having copies made if proof of ownership is not possible. Alternatively you can opt for restricted keys, which are hard to copy due to their unusual design; meaning extra keys can’t be made without your knowledge.

Additionally, when patented keys go missing or are stolen, the existing key can be removed from a locksmith’s database, new keys issued and the lock re-configured making sure that stolen or lost keys no longer work.

The initial investments in these particular locking systems are a bit pricier than the off-the-shelf locks, but they are definitely something to consider. There won’t be any chance of more sets being in circulation so you can save money on locks if any reconfiguration is required.

You can obtain these locks from locksmith members of a recognised trade association. Each system varies in price regarding the security level required, how many locks need changing, and if there’s need for additional labour. TMN Locksmiths will be able to offer you advice on what system best suits your requirements and will make sure all locks are installed properly.

Any codes for alarms will need changing as soon as you’re moved in. What’s vital too is to regularly change your alarm code and ensure spare copies of keys are returned.

Adding alarms, spy holes, door chains, and bolts is perhaps something you may also want to look into; each of them boosts security in a different way. Remember to check locks on windows, and think about what emergency escape routes there are.

TMN is proud to have a reputation as one of the best locksmiths Northampton has and can provide you with the necessary services when you move house. It is important you take all the right precautionary steps to ensure of good security in your home, so contact us today to arrange a service.