Security tips for your garage

Locksmith NorthamptonWhile many people only use their garage for storage, you probably still don’t want people just wandering in. You will want this even less if you store valuables here. With that in mind we want to offer some security tips for you. We are a top locksmith Northampton clients can rely on. Our goal is to help every client to keep their properties and belongings secure.

Don’t leave the keys on show

Whether you have an electric garage door you control with a remote or traditional lock and keys, you should never leave them on show. Instead you should keep them safely out of sight so people can’t break in and grab them. If you leave a remote or key in the car, keep it locked in the glove box.

Locking doors

It is a good idea to ensure you lock all doors securely every night. You don’t want people to simply be able to walk up to the garage and enter it. Check to make sure everything locked properly. Don’t forget any side doors and entrances into your home from the garage. You should lock these safely too.

Think about the windows

Some garages have windows but they are typically weak, single pane ones. They won’t offer much protection against burglars. If your garage does have a window you may want to upgrade it to a more secure one. You may also want to think about bars or grilles to prevent people from getting in even if they break the glass.


It is a good idea to illuminate the exterior of your garage. This can be a really good deterrent because it means potential thieves can’t approach unseen. The lights should have motion tracking so they trigger when someone gets too close. This can also help you to see if you are locking up late.

Hide valuables

If you are storing anything in the garage that is valuable you should make sure it is hidden from view, especially from side windows. Think about things like bikes and other highly portable valuables. You want these to be out of the way so people don’t see them and decide breaking in is a good idea.

A secure door

Another important piece of advice is to invest in a really good door. It is a major line of defence against criminals. Your old one may look secure but could a thief easily pick or break the lock or get past it in another way? You should ensure you have a quality door that has good locks.

Talk to a locksmith in Northampton

TMN is a local company with a great reputation. Clients can rely on us to offer fast services 24/7. We can handle any kind of lock, offering repairs, upgrades, and more. We also offer a service to secure a property if you do sadly suffer from a break in.

So, if you want help from a locksmith Northampton has nobody better. Get in touch with us today to arrange a call out; we will be with you as soon as possible to offer the services you need.