Security Upgrades Northampton

At TMN Locksmiths we have a skilful team with the right qualifications and expertise. As a result, we can offer a comprehensive service to suit many needs. For example, we can repair locks on doors and windows, replace them, and even secure a building after a break in. If you have any concerns about how safe your property is, we can advise you. We can then provide the most reliable security upgrades Northampton clients can ask for.

A full inspection

Security Upgrades NorthamptonThe best place to start is with a close look at the current property. We can inspect your doors and windows to get a better idea of their condition. The check will be in-depth, looking at the locks as well as the frames and glazing for any signs of wear. We will look for anything that could allow someone to break in, including latches that don’t catch properly and glazing that someone could simply push out.

Once we inspect the property we will suggest the best services. This could be something as simple as replacing the locks for new, higher security models. However, if the doors or windows are compromised, we may recommend replacing them too. In high risk locations we may even suggest additional measures such as an extra deadbolt or even window grilles.

Supporting our clients

locksmithsThe thing that makes us the top provider of security upgrades Northampton has is we can help clients in various sectors. For example, we do a lot of work with domestic clients to keep their homes safe. This includes people who have recently bought a home who want to make sure it has good security.

In addition, we are happy to support businesses throughout Northampton. The risk of break ins can be even higher here, especially with premises containing high value items. Luckily, we can offer the same great services. This can include reliable window bars and grilles as well as installing safes.

The right products

Whenever we offer security upgrades, we make sure we supply the right products. This includes high quality windows and doors. In terms of locks, we only use the very best models from reliable brands. The cylinder locks will have at least 6 pins, making them more secure than basic 5 pin models. All mortice locks comply with British Standard BS-3621 so they meet insurance requirements.

Security upgrades in Northampton

TMN Locksmiths is proud to offer a 24/7 service to all clients. That means you can call us any time you need some help. More importantly, we will do our best to be with you within as little as 30 minutes.

Whether it is a simple replacement or a new installation, you can rely on us to provide the best security upgrades Northampton has to offer. If you need the support of a skilful locksmith, contact us. We will work with you to deliver the right service for you and your budget.