Security is even more vital at Christmas

Operating on a 24/7 basis, our team of locksmiths work hard to be available when you need them. In addition to our working hours, we also have a quick response time, thanks in no small part to our location in Grange Park, Northampton. This allows us to be with you within 30 to 45 minutes of your call. Equipped to handle a myriad of locks and utilising methods that are non-destructive, we are the people to depend on whenever you have a problem.

With Christmas fast approaching, as professional locksmiths, we feel it necessary to warn people about safeguarding their homes during the festive period. Everyone should remain vigilant in these times as this is when burglaries generally peak. Homes are filled with gifts that are waiting to be wrapped and are sometimes left empty while everyone is out. As a result, criminals are more likely to make a move, with statistics showing that break-ins can increase by as much as 38%.

There are ways to prevent any incidents however. The first is to keep everything out of sight. It may be tradition to keep presents under the tree, but this can also act as a signal to would-be thieves. Try hiding the gifts away and out of sight of all the windows, especially if you happen to live on a busy street.

Routine checks should also be carried out on all doors and windows. Double-check everything and make certain that all locks are secure and functioning properly, even if you’re only going to be out for a few minutes. If there is some kind of fault or malfunction, especially if it is wear the faceplate of a lock or the mechanism itself, call us in straight away and we’ll sort it all out.

At TMN Locksmiths we work extra hard over the Christmas period to ensure we meet the needs of property owners across Northampton. Additionally, we can replace existing locks if you believe them to be inadequate. Be sure to let us know if you have any lock-related concerns.