Smart locks won’t completely replace mechanical ones

Smart locks were first introduced in the late 1990s but didn’t really take off until technology advanced substantially. They are more popular now thanks to the popularity of smartphones, but some issues still remain. In fact Yale, one of the largest producers of locks in the world, introduced a smart lock that could be opened with a paper clip. Obviously a product that offers convenience at the expense of security will not be in high demand as users want the benefits of both.

Even with technological developments, traditional locks with keys remain popular. This is because they provide tried and tested security, especially if you choose modern locks which are designed to be very tricky to break or unlock without having the key. Many people also feel more secure because of the act of physically locking the door behind them.

The continued popularity of mechanical locks means that the services of locksmiths are still in high demand all around the world. An experienced locksmith can provide new installations and upgrades as well as a whole host of support services such as key cutting and opening doors when keys are lost, misplaced or damaged. It is useful to have the number of a local specialist to hand because it is more than likely you’ll need their help at an unexpected time.

Our locksmiths in Northampton can provide a wide array of services for property owners across our region. We have plenty of experience with various kinds of mechanical locks and are confident we can meet the needs of our clients. We work around the clock to ensure we are always on hand to help.

One service we provide to a very high standard is lock opening. We can open locks that have been damaged as well as undamaged ones when the key has been lost. In both cases we will try everything we can to open the door without resorting to destructive means that could damage the door, the frame or the fabric of the property.

Our locksmiths are highly trained and prioritise customer care. They will arrive at your property as quickly as possible to help resolve the problem and provide the access you need. After opening locks we can provide replacement keys or replace the whole lock if required.