Solving your uPVC door problems

Locks break for all kinds of reasons. It could be your door lock for your house or the lock on a safe. What is important here however is that you can find help when you need it. With us, there is no issues because we offer a 24/7 service. We send the best locksmiths Northampton has out to clients when they need help.

A new lock for your door

Locksmiths NorthamptonYou could be someone that is aiming to buy new locks for a uPVC door. If you are, then you will have to consider a few details. In modern houses, these are the most common option for exterior doors. There are several manufacturers, each with their own designs. This can make identifying the locking mechanisms difficult if you require a replacement. It is vital you buy the correct mechanism. If you don’t, the door can end up not latching correctly, causing more harm than good. What you have to know is the door’s manufacturer, the model, and the markings present.

Normally, the uPVC door manufacturers adhere to a short range of individual locks. If you know of the manufacturer, you can narrow down the search for your replacement. You can search the door for a label. This will either be at the head or foot of the door. Next, you must pinpoint the lock on your door. The more popular manufacturers include Winkhaus, Yale, Maco, and Lockmaster.

Understand the lock’s measurements

For anyone that has a lock they need to replace, you must know of the lock’s measurements. The lock may be multi-point. If so, you have to know the location of each point in the door too. This way, the door is still going to work as it should. At the same time, everyone will have the security and safety they expect.

The uPVC door lock barrels are not hard to replace. What we mean is you won’t require any special hardware besides a screwdriver. At times, a small grub screw holds them in place. Usually though, they use a long bolt. However, we always recommend you get a professional service here. We are the finest locksmiths Northampton has, so you can rely on us to help.


With the repair side of things, there are instances where you can and can’t get repairs here. Sometimes, the only thing that will be wrong is a broken spring. This is what activates the locking mechanism once you turn the key. For a locksmith familiar with model, this shall be a simple repair. However, obtaining the parts tends to be more difficult than visiting a shop and buying a new lock outright. You need to consider which is the easiest option.

Go through your options with top locksmiths in Northampton

At TMN Locksmiths, no matter the issue, we always aim to find the ideal solution for you. We always consider the strategies that shall give you the most value for your money. Our team will go over the options with you so that you know what is available.

If you need assistance from the top locksmiths Northampton has, please give us a call. We deliver fast, reliable services 24/7.