Some essential home security tips

Locksmith NorthamptonWho is the best person to call for ideas about how to keep your home secure? There are lots of potential options, but you can get the most useful advice from a locksmith. They can look at door and window locks as well as various other things that could make your home vulnerable. If you are looking for help, you can contact a locksmith Northampton residents rate highly. The TMN team is professional and offers help 24 hours a day.

Below are just a few of our top tips for making your home more secure.

Limit access

One thing you should never do is leave a wheelie bin or a ladder out where someone could use them to access a window. If possible you should store ladders and bins in a shed or garage. If you would rather keep the bin out, make sure it is well away from an accessible window.

Hide valuables

Some burglars will check properties several times for signs of valuables that would be easy to grab and escape with. In fact, a lot of them will look for car keys, jewellery, and small electricals. Make sure you put these items away safely where they are not easy to see and steal.

Be careful when you go on holiday

Criminals may also pay attention to homes to see when they are unoccupied for long periods. They will look for things like blinds and curtains staying closed, lights always being off, and post building up. These could all be signs you are away and they could take their time breaking in. In addition, make sure you aren’t publicising your holiday all over social media.

External lights

You may find it surprising but external lights can be an effective deterrent. What you should choose is models with motion detectors that will illuminate when someone gets too close to your home at night. Remember that most criminals will want to approach the home unseen in the dark. So, don’t let that happen.

Locking up

The number of people who go out and return home to find things missing but no signs of a break in is surprising. It is easy to forget to lock doors and windows, especially if you are in a rush to leave. However, it is vital to get in the practice of securing everything before you go.

Talk to a locksmith in Northampton

TMN Locksmiths has helped a number of clients to make their homes more secure. We can look at all kinds of things, from the condition of locks to security concerns. After a check, we can suggest ways to make your home safer. This could be new tamper proof locks, replacement doors, window grilles, or even new windows.

Our goal is to offer the most consistent services every time. This gives our clients the confidence we will do the right thing for them. In addition, we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so we are always just a call away.

If you need a locksmith, Northampton has nobody better. Rely on TMN today.