Some interesting ways to protect your property

Home security is very important in the UK. You should ensure you get it right so that there is minimal risk of someone breaking in. TMN can help. We offer first rate services, 24 hours a day. When you work with us you get the top locksmiths in Northampton on your side. We can repair locks, offer more secure replacements, and install things like window grilles. As a result, we can give you more confidence in your security.

Crime data

Locksmiths in NorthamptonThe latest Home Office statistics show it is much better to prevent burglaries than react to them. Sadly, the figures show that in England and Wales just 5.2% of thefts result in charges against a suspect. The majority of cases are closed without identifying the perpetrator or recovering the stolen items.

With that in mind, you should ensure you do as much as possible to prevent a break in. Below are some of the most interesting things you can do other than getting high quality locks.


One thing you should do is think about your driveway. It can be really useful to make it so that people can’t approach your property silently. Gravel is great choice here because it crunches when anyone walks on it. The noise can provide an early alert.

Clear gardens

In the same vein, you should make it so it is not easy to sneak through gardens. What you need to do is make sure there isn’t a lot of cover to hide behind. Keep trees, hedges, and plants neat so there isn’t a lot of overgrowth to hide in. You should also make sure the space immediately around your home is clear.


Bright lights with motion sensors can also be really helpful. They can deter criminals who would like to get close to your home under the cover of darkness. Make sure they are nice and bright so it can alert neighbours too.

Reinforce the door

Having high quality locks is great but you also need to think about the fixtures. What you need here is to ensure you have long screws to hold the hinges and strike plate in place. In many cases the ones that come with them are an inch long or less. That doesn’t offer a great deal of protection against brute force attempts to get in. You would be better off with longer screws that are around 80mm long. They go beyond the frame and into the material behind, providing far more strength.

Working with locksmiths in Northampton

TMN is a team you can rely on to take a close look at your home security. We can offer clear advice about everything from the condition of your locks to the risk of people breaking in via windows. If you do need new locks, we can supply and install them for you.

So, if you have concerns about how secure your property is, contact us. We are one of the most consistent locksmiths in Northampton. That means you get a great service every single time.