Specifying access control systems and locks

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Critical elements

Locksmiths NorthamptonWith commercial applications, there are critical elements that determine your choice of access control or lock product. These are the level of security you need and the legislation.

On legislation, you have no option but to obey. The insurer, health and safety requirements, or building regulations might rule for certain locks. These are ones tested to a particular standard. This would be the baseline for specification. You could opt to go higher for more protection. However, you are unable to go lower. If your situation demands the finest locksmith in Northampton, contact us.


Wherever there are standards, they supply the start point. For instance, let’s look at locks within the domestic sector. Here, adhering to the theft resistant standard of BS3621 is a demand from the Association of British Insurers.

However, BS3621 has not ever become relevant to aluminium set ups. This is due to physical impracticalities. There has been the introduction of the European standard EN12209 though. It has changed things by covering single point latches and locks. As a result it rewrites the standards. It also includes the right test criteria. Nowadays, it supplies a fully written standard that you can test single point locks for aluminium against.

The level of security

Locksmiths NorthamptonNext, let’s talk about the level of security you want. Different degrees of access security exist. It could be merely putting off unauthorised or opportunistic access. On the other hand, it may be protection from a deliberate attack.

You requirements will depend on the amount of risk. As a result, you must discern as many of the application’s attributes as possible. By doing this, you can prioritise requirements and figure out the ideal type of hardware.

For the most efficient answer, you should speak to experts early during the design phase. This way, you can design the entire door installation to accommodate the right locking arrangement. In addition, you can have a decent mix of security and access.

Security needs can go from requiring free access during the day to controlling access while it is dark. In other cases, you will have to limit access to specific people at certain times.

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