Spot the signs of a failing lock

We’d all like to think that our front doors and home locks are built to last and will always function as they intended. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Locks which are frequently used can be at risk of wear and tear, breakages and malfunctioning, meaning it’s important to remain aware of any changes and seek repairs or replacements as and when they are required.

There are many possible root causes behind lock problems, and one of the main ones is the frequency of changes in the weather across the UK and throughout the year. During winter months the mechanisms within locks are prone to freezing, while in the summer, door frames tend to expand with the heat. In either case, the natural temptation is to try and jiggle or force the key to turn the lock. While this probably won’t cause too much damage if done once or twice so that you can safely leave or enter your home, in the long term it may cause more extensive damage.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your locks, it will be better to have them serviced, replaced or repaired by our professional team rather than simply ignoring the issue. We’re the number one locksmiths Northampton residents can call on for urgent, emergency help, whether it is for your front door lock or another problematic one, such as on your car.

Front door locks are not as infallible as we would like them to be. If you’ve found that you are having to use little tricks or have developed quirks in order for the lock to open or close, it’s a sign that the lock is close to failing. Often, as shown above, the weather can make this happen, just as wear and tear over the years can. Calling us in to service or replace it will mean your locks work like they should.