Steps towards excellent holiday security

Based in Grange Park, on the outside area of Northampton, our professional locksmiths have extensive experience in working with a number of different locks. Whether you find yourself having issues with a simple door lock or a more complicated safe, we have the skills necessary to repair or replace the locks.

As locksmiths, we have to think outside the box sometimes when it comes to home security during certain times, even if we only end up offering advice. For many people going on holiday is a highlight of the year. In order to keep everything safe while you are gone, there are a wide array of steps you can take to give yourself confidence that your home will stay secure from burglars.

Not posting holiday information on Facebook or other social media networks is a good start because, despite the security present, there is always the chance of unfriendly faces seeing it. At the property itself you should create the perception that the house isn’t empty. You can do this with lights on timers and by asking neighbours, friends or family members to stop by and operate the blinds or curtains.

Before heading off on holiday you should have the condition of your locks checked to make sure they are up to scratch. It is a good idea to have a trained locksmith do this so they can give you clear, honest advice. They will check the condition of every aspect of the lock, including the mechanism and the face plates. The state of the latter is very important as worn, damaged ones can make it easier to gain entry to the property.

At TMN Locksmiths we can offer you a number of security services to help your property become more secure than it ever has been. We can offer advice, repairs and upgrades too. With each we focus on professionalism and quality, offering honest advice and using the highest quality tools and products. Clients can rely on us for all of their security needs, including securing properties before you head on holiday.

If you are interested in our services and would like to find out more, we would love to hear from you.