Student landlords – take care with security

It is that time again when people are moving into student accommodation. Throughout the year though, you need to be remembering the security of your property, especially if you are a landlord. At the home of the locksmiths Northampton trusts, we can assist you through our various services.

An Easy Target

Student residences are the most popular choice among thieves. It is due to the general lack of quality security measures and valuable contents as people are highly dependent upon technology.

One piece of research showed that 25% of students experience a break in during their time at university. This was more common in privately-rented and multiple occupancy student accommodations.

What Steps To Take

By always keeping safety in mind, you can keep you and your tenants safe. There will also be a drastic reduction in the chances of you finding yourself dealing with the aftermath of a burglary. Below is some of the advice given by The Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) on steps you should be taking.

Who Has Access?

Not everyone needs to bypass the lock to steal the contents of a building. If you are not careful enough with sets of keys, they are the perfect tool for a crime. It could be that a tradesperson, previous tenant or letting agent has misplaced or given away keys and copies. A patented lock system is one way you can limit the number of keys as well as preventing people having a set cut without proving who they are.

Inspect Your Property

In between student lettings, take a look at your building. You can fix any doors, windows or locks that are compromising the security. You should also be looking at any ways people could enter your property like an accessible window. We can carry out work on your locks, doors, windows and security bars.

Talk To Your Tenants

Most people who move into student housing face new responsibilities. As a result they may do things by accident that increase the risk of a break in. Talk over what they should be doing with them to make sure they are aware.

Don’t Try And Save Money

Quality locks and security methods are worth every penny. This is not the case though when you install them yourself. DIY jobs cost people a lot of money when they go wrong. It is better to get a professional job. You can also use various pieces of technology like indoor light timers and motion activated security lights outside.

Look to us and we can perform a comprehensive security check on your property. This comes with no obligations and also gives information about what you can do to improve safety. If it is too late and you have already suffered a break in, we can provide our services here too. This includes replacing locks and boarding up damaged doors or windows.

As some of the best locksmiths Northampton could hope for, choose us in an emergency or if you want to improve your security. Rely on TMN Locksmiths for quality services.