Study safely – Security advice for students

Locksmiths in NorthamptonLocks can break at any time. Knowing this, we made the decision to make sure we experts available 24/7. Not only that, we provide clients with the greatest locksmiths in Northampton when someone contacts us for help. The locksmith will always have the right tools and the knowledge to help you with your issue.

Once everything eventually returns to normal, students will be able to make their way to university. They will either be starting their studies or resuming them. For most people, it is an exciting time in their lives. It will be especially welcome following the restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the students must be aware of the security risks. This will allow them to keep themselves and their possessions safe. To help, we are going to share some of our student home security tips with you.

Check everything

Start by locking your windows and doors. When you are away from home, it is easy to forget things. You are in a new environment, likely living with your peers. Still, you need to remember the basics of home security like locking up when you leave. It will be up to your landlord to make certain there are suitable locks in place. However, it is your responsibility to actually use them. A few seconds is all it takes for an opportunist to enter the building and steal your things, so don’t help them by leaving doors unlocked.

Leaving things on show

Make certain you keep your belongings out of sight as well. Thieves working in places with a considerable number of students shall know when term starts. They also know that students are coming with all kinds of valuables like tablets, televisions, and laptops. Keeping all of these away from view is the ideal way to keep them secure. Avoid leaving expensive electronics on the windowsill while you are away. That way they are not easy to grab.

Don’t skip lectures

The last piece of advice we have is to not make it seem like the property is empty. After-all, occupied buildings are not as appealing for prospective burglars. For those who are concerned that people may be watching them, you can keep them guessing. If there is a time where everyone will be out, leave some curtains closed or buy a lighting timer. This is more productive than skipping lectures.

Locksmiths in Northampton that can help you improve your security

At TMN Locksmith, we are always happy to help people who need some security improvements. The best locks are those that fit properly and have little risk of being picked or broken by force. In addition, they should not have any signs of wear.

If you have any concerns about a lock and whether it is up to standard, call the top locksmiths in Northampton today. We can offer a full range of services, including repairs, replacements, and more. We even replace doors and windows if there are issues with them.