Will technology ever fully replace tradition in locksmithing?

Over the years we’ve always been happy to answer any and all questions you have had about the services we, the number one name for locksmiths in Northampton, provide. In our view we can’t claim to be giving you the perfect service if we don’t keep you informed of what our work involves and aware of how it benefits you.

We have noticed, however, a little bit of a cheeky question is being asked of us on a more frequent basis. That question is as to whether or not we’re worried about the traditional lock and key becoming obsolete.

When you look at the remarkable technological advances made in this day and age you can see how this is a fair question. We’re now living in a world where keyless cars and keyless hotels are becoming quite commonplace. Just how long will it be, you may wonder, before the traditional metal lock and key gives way to security methods such as key cards, smartphone apps, fingerprint readers and retina scanners on homes?

The answer to this, in our humble opinion, is never. Whilst we can see a day when the systems we’ve mentioned above are quite commonplace, we firmly believe that the lock and key will always be relied on – even if it just becomes the failsafe back-up system. To understand why we believe this to be the case is as easy as the well known saying “genius in simplicity”.

Unlike all the other new systems we’ve mentioned, a lock and key does not require any source of power beyond a person turning it. It doesn’t rely on electronic or computer equipment functioning as it should. A key will also almost always work, even if you happen to drop it in water or some other liquid.

As you rely on a lock and key to open doors as much as you do to keep them securely closed, we don’t see a 100% electrical approach to the system being completely trusted any time soon.

Using a lock and key is something that’s been traced back to the time of the Pharaohs. The reason for this system surviving for literally thousands of years is that it’s simple, effective and relied upon. As we have no reason at all to doubt that it shall always be this way, we’re happy to answer questions about whether technology will ever fully replace the traditions of the lock and key.