The different ways a lock can break

Locks on doors work to provide you with security, even when it goes unnoticed. However they can break for several reasons. In situations like this you can find yourself unable to get into your home or not being able to secure it. You should call the locksmiths Northampton can trust when you discover a problem. TMN Locksmith is a reliable team with the skills to fix the issue.

Seized Lock

Not being able to turn the key means that the lock has seized. It might be because of a build up of dirt or a broken mechanism. It is important that you do not try and force it to turn. If you do it could break the key and the lock when a repair may have been enough.

Weather Damage

Poor weather conditions can result in the distortion of the door and lock. This causes the lock to misalign, something which will stop it from operating as it should do. Depending on the severity, this will either call for a repair or a replacement.

Door Latch Not Catching

The bolt can easily become misaligned with the strike plate and as a result, the latch won’t catch when you shut the door. This will stop it from operating smoothly and shutting correctly. The main solutions for this are to deepen the plate, reposition the door, and align the strike plate. You should leave these jobs to an expert.

Key Turns Without The Bolt Operating

If this happens then the mechanism is causing the problem. The best solution is to have someone remove the lock from the door to examine it and establish whether they can repair it. If the precise issue is not clear then the best fix is to replace the lock. This will save you time and money while allowing you to be certain of its security.

You can contact TMN Locksmiths if you ever encounter a problem with your locks. We are a phone call away to come and provide you with the help you need, including in emergency situations at any hour. Find out why we are the locksmiths Northampton loves and benefit from our services today.