The ways your locks can start giving you trouble

Commercial locksmith NorthamptonA lock is no different from any other piece of machinery in that it will not last forever. When the locks for your property fail to work the way you need them to, there is no need to worry or panic. TMN Locksmith completes various jobs to excellent standards, including repairing and replacing locks. In fact, we operate 24/7 and aim to arrive in 30-45 minutes so that you aren’t waiting around. We can even work on commercial grade locks and around the needs of businesses. This makes us the residential and commercial locksmith Northampton can count on for all its needs.

There are various kinds of issues that can develop with your locks. These leave you needing to call on a professional so that you are able to properly secure and access your business.

The key is broken

While it appears like a fairly sturdy piece of metal, keys can break. The worst time this can happen is when a key is in the lock. This can cause extensive damage and will leave you unable to lock your property. This is not the end of the world though as locksmiths can solve the issue.

You have a loose cylinder

There is a good chance that if this is the case, you are dealing with a loose set screw. Fixing this is a tricky task that involves taking the faceplate off, replacing this screw, and then reassembling the cylinder. You should seek out a professional for assistance with this.

Keys won’t turn in the lock

This is a common issue and can easily occur when dirt or debris collects in the lock. On the other hand, it could be that the key is so old and worn that it no longer works and you need a new one. It is best to call someone out to establish what the cause is.

The deadbolt is stuck

A lot of commercial property owners invest in deadbolts. However, you might one day find that it is stuck. This can be the result of a misaligned strike plate or damage to a mechanism. It is important to call in a locksmith who will be able to establish the cause of the problem and offer a solution.

A commercial locksmith Northampton can rely on

Northampton locksmithAs a business owner, investing in a quality lock will go a long way when it comes to protecting your assets. This way you won’t have to worry about the hassle and expenses that come with recovering from burglary and vandalism. Moreover, your employees will feel safe knowing that the property is secure.

We understand that things can go wrong with your locks. This can be incredibly costly when it concerns a business. Being able to rely on a locksmith provides peace of mind and this is exactly what you can achieve with TMN. We are the commercial locksmith Northampton can count on for leading services. Furthermore, we work on domestic locks and offer a range of other services including repairing uPVC windows and doors.

Reach out now to arrange our fantastic services and to speak to us about our work.