The Yale lock’s versatility makes it a must have

In our line of work, there is one type of service that customers appreciate above all others. That would be a comprehensive, 24-hour one. The reason why is that people often find they are stuck at inappropriate times. Luckily we are available around the clock to open doors and repair or replace locks. When someone asks us for help, we send out the greatest locksmith Corby can give.

The Yale lock

Northampton locksmithOne of the most popular lock designs is the Yale model. Another name for it is pin tumbler lock. Thanks to the design’s versatility, it is a marvellous choice for property owners. They are perfect for all kinds of exterior doors and other entry points.

Locksmiths also love the Yale lock. This is because we can change the interior cylinder without modifying the boltwork hardware. In addition, we can unscrew the cylinder with ease for re-keying. Normally, you would have to loosen a particular screw and slide your cylinder from the boltwork. All of this makes our job easier but does not compromise how secure the locks are.


There is another benefit of the Yale lock that you should know about as well. You can acquire cylinders in an array of formats that can each use the same key. What this does for users is provide them with the flexibility of using master key systems. Said systems can include roller door locks, night latches, and deadbolts for extra security. As the best locksmith Corby can offer, we can supply and repair these master key systems.

The future for Yale

The commercial and domestic use of Yale locks is global. As a result you can see this type of lock all over the earth. After all, it is the most popular style. Much of this comes down to the flexibility of its use and the design.

There is no sign of the popularity of the Yale lock slowing down either. In the future, there are plans to introduce new innovations that take advantage of digital technology.

Several years ago, Yale themselves said that there would be a new residential door lock. This is one that makes use of Bluetooth. It functions wirelessly on a smartphone using digital keys. Including both Android and iOS, users have the option to choose the key they require to open a door. From there, they merely have to hold the phone to the lock and the door opens.

Such a lock is bound to be a welcome addition to the Yale family. Standard locks are naturally vulnerable to forced entry as well as issues like wear and lost or stolen keys. There would be less risk of each of these things with a modern digital lock. If you believe your own lock is not resilient enough, you should get an upgrade.

Great prices from the top locksmith in Corby

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