Tips to avoid getting locked out of your property

Becoming locked out of your property is very simple to do, and can leave you very worried. There is no need to feel this way though as we are here as the locksmiths Northampton depends on. When you contact us, we can get you back inside in no time. While we would be happy to provide our assistance, there are things you can try to avoid finding yourself in this situation.

Spare Key

Having a spare key cut is only useful if you put it in the right place. Some hiding places such as under a mat are very common and should never be used. Instead, buy yourself a high quality lock box. Another option is to give one to a trusted friend, neighbour or family member so that you can try them before you call for professional help.

Muscle Memory

Try to train yourself to always pick up your keys when you leave the house. You could use a hook by the door so that when you see it you will remember. Once you add it to your routine, it will become easier to remember over time. Key finders are also a cheap yet effective tool for those people who misplace them often.

New locks

If you have a door that automatically locks behind you, it may be time to change this, especially if you have locked yourself out before. There are a range of high quality locks and you can have additional deadbolts that you can lock from the outside.

Emergency Access Service

If you manage to lock yourself out of your home, there is no need to panic. We understand that these things happen and we can offer our help regardless of the time of day. Our techniques enable us to be swift without causing any damage to the lock.

It may be wise that if you think you have lost your keys, you replace the lock. This eliminates the possibility of your key ending up in the wrong hands. Or if it is the mechanism that is causing the issue, we can help by either repairing or upgrading it so that you have one that you can rely on.

Whatever your problem is, contact our team today. We would be happy to let you in on why we are the locksmiths Northampton trusts. Whatever the situation, we will be there to provide a solution.