Top tips to burglar-proof your home

From leaving the house everyday to going on holiday, never ignore the safety of your home. As the locksmiths Northampton relies on, we’ve listed some steps to take to keep your property secure at all times.

Too often people leave home security as an afterthought. That is, after you have already had your house broken into. Of course, people will try to remember to lock up their house when they leave, but what about the other measures you can take?

Put Thought Into Your Locks

The most obvious form of security is door locks. But having them in place isn’t enough. Do you have any idea how old your locks are or even if they are decent quality? If not, you aren’t alone as many people are in the same position.

We can carry out a free no obligation check on your premises to offer advice on necessary steps. Replacing your locks may be essential to preventing a break in occurring.

More Than One Way In

You can’t care for the locks on your front door and call it that. What about all the other ways thieves will try to enter? Garages, back doors and windows can all benefit from an inspection.

As professionals we can fit security bars to your windows and assist in the installation of deadbolts. We take a lot of care in our work to always ensure an outstanding job.

Advertising For Thieves

Social media is becoming more popular. While trends like to change, one rule that stays the same is announcing your holiday on any channel. It only takes one unfriendly face finding out and they’ll know that no one will be home to stop them. Did you know some home insurance policies become invalidated if you have announced your trip away?

So, save your photos until you’ve come back and check your settings too. In almost all cases there is no need to list your address online, keep it safe. You should also check your privacy settings so that only people you know see your information and posts.

If you need any more advice or want to arrange professional services, get in touch with the locksmiths Northampton depends on. We will help you to keep your home and possessions safe.