Unfreezing car door locks

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Chilly air, icy roads, and cold winds have a habit of keeping people frozen in place. Once the temperature drops however, we all run to our cars to shelter from the cold before we can start moving. Unfortunately, there will be instances where the door won’t open. The frigid weather is capable of freezing the car lock.

It only takes a bit of water

Locks can freeze when there is a small amount of water in them. This can happen if you leave the car out in the cold. It can also occur if you unwisely choose to wash the vehicle in the cold. The majority of us won’t have de-icer ready in our pockets. However, there are ways of successfully defrosting the lock. If you can’t fix the issue, you can contact us to call out the most talented locksmith Northampton has.

No hot water

Right now, you are probably thinking that hot water is one of the ways to open a frozen lock. Whatever you do, don’t use it for defrosting. It may work, but the problem is that it’s a short term solution at best. It actually has the ability to harm the lock too. Furthermore, the water shall cool eventually. When this happens, it will simply freeze the lock once again. You will find yourself back at square one.

Hand sanitiser

As we said before, it is not likely that everyone will carry de-icer on them. However you may have some hand sanitiser with you. This can aid you in getting out of a frozen situation. Most of them contain isopropanol alcohol and ethanol, which can lower the freezing point of water. It only takes seconds for them to melt the ice that resides inside a lock.

The defrosting

frozen car lockIn order to get defrosting, start by coating the key in the sanitiser. From there, insert it into your frozen lock. Avoid forcing it in though. One of the last things you want to have is a broken lock or key. Even worse, it is possible for the key to break whilst inside the lock.

Instead of forcing the key in, wiggle it around until it slides in gently. When it’s in position, leave it for half a minute. Allow the alcohol to work its magic. When the wait is over, merely turn the key and open your door.

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