Watch out for fake locksmiths

When looking at the locksmiths Northampton has to offer, we are the best option. Our expertise and specialist tools enable us to carry out a range of high quality work with speed.

In A Rush?

It is understandable that when you need a solution fast you may not be thinking clearly. When someone offers you locksmith services it may seem fine, but don’t act too fast. It may also be that someone has offered you work for a really low price and it is enticing. Whatever your situation, take the time to check who you are talking to.

Don’t Be Fooled

They may be on the internet, but it does not mean that they are legitimate. Search engines have measures in place to filter out scammers. When there are so many people trying though, sometimes fake workers can slip through.

Do you know what you are looking for? Take a thorough look at their site and information that they provide you with. It should check out and you can also look for other people’s reviews.

They should be able to give you a price before they start. This is because most professionals have fixed fees for their work. Many scammers will keep trying to up the costs throughout. If they ask for the money up front, this is a red flag too as they may not even show up.

The Consequences

It is impossible to tell exactly what could happen. A fake locksmith may cause damage to your property, resulting in big bills for repairs. In some cases, it can appear that they have done a fine job but in fact given you poor locks. This leaves people very vulnerable to thieves. In the worst cases they may be thieves you have now given access to your property.


Only work with the best. At TMN Locksmiths we pride ourselves on the high standards of our work and customer service we show. We are the locksmiths Northampton can rely on 24/7 so feel free to contact us. You will always receive a professional yet courteous service with us.