What lock is best?

Something that isn’t often thought of unless you’re avid on security, is what lock is the best? There are many factors which can affect the level of safety, but to help outline the different locks we’ll specify them via door material. TMN are the best locksmiths Northampton has to offer, possessing a wealth of knowledge.

The lock for a wooden front door typically includes a type of latch so that when the door is closed shut it cannot be accessed from the outside unless they possess the keys. Users should find it easy to operate from the inside using the knob or handle during the daytime. There may be an optional deadlock for use at night too. This lock should be British Standard and includes 5 levers.

Back doors made of wood generally stay locked, especially if the door isn’t secured with an enclosed garden. The best suited lock is called the sash. It works by using a lever which lets people in and out quickly, along with a deadbolt which is locked using a key.

Following on to locks for uPVC doors, you will find a vast range of different mechanisms. More specifically there are over 100 different handles, and over 450 locks for them. The doors are known to be made up of three parts; the handle, mechanism and cylinder. All of these are engaged when using the handle, thus creating a working lock.

The front door lock of an uPVC door should work very similarly to a wooden one. It still needs a key to open it, engaging locking points and the cylinder as it turns. The same applies for a back door made from the material. The locking points are all fitted with an interchangeable lock cylinder, so if you have an older lock you may not be fully protected against lock snapping.

TMN, the most highly rated locksmiths Northampton has, can make sure your home is safeguarded, and fitted with fully functioning locks. If you require our expertise, or would like to know about other services we offer then contact us today.