What to check if you find yourself locked out

Almost everyone will, at some point in their life, find that they are locked out. It is very frustrating, especially after a long day. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you can call on the locksmiths Northampton relies on. However before you contact us, you will want to remember certain things when you find yourself in this position.

Does Anyone Have A Spare Key?

A lot of people get flustered when they find that they have locked themselves out. You should take the time to check if anyone you know has a key that you gave them or forgot to get back. If you can get to them, then you don’t have to call a locksmith and can go about your day.

Can You Get In Another Way?

While all other points of entry should be secure, it is possible that a door or window is open. If so, this might be able to provide you entry. You should never climb up, break your way in, or do anything risky. Only use an entrance if it is a safe option that will allow you to avoid calling someone to help.

Do You Have ID?

The majority of people will have some form of ID on them at all times. This is a sensible thing to do for many reasons, including for when you cannot access your home. A reputable locksmith will not help you if you cannot show them who you are. Otherwise, you could be someone trying to break in.

Have You Called The Right People?

You should only ever use an expert locksmith to work on your property. You don’t want to risk poor quality work that could leave you vulnerable instead of safe. Always make sure you are dealing with a proper professional.

TMN can get to you quickly and complete the work that you need. This will be to high standards and using non destructive methods where possible.

Don’t hesitate to call the locksmiths Northampton residents can depend on should you ever need assistance. This includes 24/7 help for emergencies. Our services are extensive to cover various needs while always providing quality results.