What Type Of Front Door Is The Most Secure?

Your home’s front door is your first line of defence. You should feel safe when you cross the threshold of your home and close the door behind yourself to keep out unwanted visitors and stress! For that reason, it’s important to decide which door is right for you – here, we’ll discuss just what kind of door that may be.


So, what are the key points to consider when purchasing a front door?



You must consider the material used to make your door. The material your door is made out of will affect a number of factors, including security, durability, appearance and cost. You should first decide what material your door will be made of before you do anything else.



Steel doors are perhaps the most durable and secure of all the options. Steel doors don’t warp or crack under extreme temperatures and can often be painted or decorated in any style, meaning that they are versatile and aren’t as unsightly as they might seem to be. Steel doors are also incredible strong and can often be reinforced without extra cost.



A popular option for the modern home, uPVC doors are strong, affordable and last for years. A particularly common option across the UK, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to uPVC, too, making them a great option for any home, regardless of exterior design. Whilst the material itself may not seem to be the most secure, uPVC door manufacturers are always working to make these products as secure and as strong as possible, from the frames, to the seals and from the glass to the lock mechanism.



The oldest option and the one with the most long-standing popularity, wood doors come in many varieties and in many different types of wood. Given their wide range of use over the years, manufacturers have had plenty of time to work on making wooden doors as strong as possible! They remain one of the most versatile, customisable and secure door types on the market.


Whatever range of door you go with, there are a few other factors affecting the security of the door that are important to consider.


How Can I Make My Door As Secure As Possible?


A door, whatever its made out of and however high-quality, is only as secure as the lock and key system protecting it!


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