Where Can I Hide My Keys?

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of getting to your front door and realising that you’ve lost your key – which you likely have at some point – then you’ll know how frustrating that can be!


It’s a problem usually solved by calling for someone else within your household or by calling a locksmith and, whilst sat on your doorstep waiting on their arrival, there’s probably just one thing on your mind: ‘Why didn’t I get a spare set?’


However, whilst getting a spare pair of keys solves one problem, it creates another one entirely. A surprisingly high percentage of all burglaries do not occur like you’d imagine, with the culprits sneaking around at night and waiting to break in through your door or window – many happen in broad daylight and without the criminal needing to break in at all. In many cases, they are able to gain entry by using a spare key hidden around the outside of the target’s home.


You can, of course, still have an easily accessible spare key without putting yourself at risk – you just need to identify a safer place to keep it. Here are just a few of our ideas.


No Hiding Spot? Buy One


With having to hide a spare key being such an old and universal problem to solve, it’s no surprise that some crafty companies have taken to designing dedicated hiding spots where homeowners can safely store their spare keys.


These days, hide-a-keys come in a multitude of different designs and disguises. Sprinklers, pine cones, birdhouses – you name it, there’ll be a way for you to hide your keys in it.


Make sure that, when looking around for the right hide-a-key, your chosen item looks realistic enough that it won’t actually draw attention to itself in the event that somebody is looking to gain entry to your home. We’d also advise avoiding hide-a-keys that are designed to look like rocks – under a rock is the first place that a burglar is likely to look for your spare key, whether it’s real or not.


Switch To A Smart Lock


Having a spare key is one thing, but if you want to go all out on your home security, it may be worth investing in a smart lock.


These locks are state-of-the-art and are often a lot more secure than your average traditional lock – they can’t be picked and there’s no need for a spare key. They may be a little more pricey and not the most aesthetically pleasing, but they’re a great option for those who don’t want to risk hiding a spare or live in a dwelling where there’s nowhere to hide your spare key, such as for those who live in flats.


Give It To Someone You Trust


If you have a trusted neighbour or nearby relative, ask them if they’d mind if you were to leave a spare key with them.


This is certainly more effective if the person that you give the key to spends a lot of time at home and can be around to help you out if you find that you need to use it, though even if they don’t, it’s still a better option for the security-conscious than leaving your key around your own front door. You may even hide your key outside your nearby relative’s home – chances are, if someone finds it and realises that it doesn’t match your relative’s front door, they likely won’t try again.


Get A Lock Box


Lock boxes are a fairly inexpensive and yet brilliantly effective way to store your spare key. Often secured using a combination lock, there’s little chance that anyone attempting to gain entry into the home will try to break into your lockbox, as it would draw attention to them and likely wouldn’t work at all.


You can purchase a lock box online or from any good local hardware store – just make sure that you don’t forget the combination, of course!


Keep A Spare In Your Car


Why not keep a spare key within your car?


Of course, this is likely only helpful if you do not keep your house keys and car keys on the same keyring, but having a spare house key hidden within the glovebox of your car could be an easily accessible way to get back into your home if you realise that you’ve forgotten your keys.


However, if you’ve any doubts regarding the security of your car – e.g: your car has a manual lock or looks as though it could be broken into easily – other options on this list may be better suited to you.


What If You’re Currently Locked Out?


Should you find yourself locked out with no access to a spare key, be sure to call on TMN Locksmiths for help!


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