Why isn’t my safe opening?

Locksmithing is an essential practice that is sometimes required at unsavoury hours. This is no trouble for our team however, as we operate a 24 hour, seven days a week service that assists clients in dire situations. With some of the most skilled locksmiths Northampton has available behind us, no lock presents too much of a challenge.

Safes can refuse to open for one of many reasons. Regardless of the cause, the goal here remains the same; understand what must be done to access the contents. Yes, your safe isn’t opening. However, this is a symptom and not a diagnosis. To open it up again, the exact nature of the issue has to be determined. Saying this, here is some troubleshooting advice you can use to help resolve the problem.

If you’re lucky enough, the reasoning behind the failure to open could be very straightforward. The safe might utilise a key and at some point, you may have broken it off in your lock. Should this prove to be the case, a simple removal job will set things right. Afterwards, chances are that an entirely new key will have to be created. Alternatively, if you use an electronic based lock, the batteries might need to be replaced, or else you can’t use the code to enter.

When jammed internals or detached bolt works are at fault, you can assess both when attempting to shift the safe handle to unlock it. You know full well that it won’t open, but if your handle spins properly, then there’s something wrong with the door’s bolt works. If the handle does move, but fails to go far enough, the bolts are most likely jammed.

At TMN Locksmiths, we have experience in working with a vast assortment of locks, including those found on safes. With every job, we aim to complete our work quickly and efficiently. To ensure we can achieve this, we see to it that our vans are appropriately stocked prior to coming out and meeting you.

If your locks give you any grief, we hope you’ll consider contacting us to get a reliable service from the best locksmiths Northampton has to offer. You can be assured we will offer the maximum value and do our best to open each lock without damaging it.