Why you should call a locksmith after a break in

It is a situation no one wants to be in but burglaries and break ins do occur. Finding damage to your door or it being open is a terrible sight, but it is important to remain calm. This allows you to deal with the situation in the best way possible. Part of this is giving the locksmiths Northampton trusts a ring.

Stop & Think

You should not go into your property alone. This is because there is no way for you to know if the people responsible for the break in are still inside. You should call the police and your insurance company to remain safe and ensure that you can file a claim.

Secure The Property

Regardless of whether they took advantage of an unlocked door or broke a window, you should call in a locksmith. The criminals might have plans to return and steal again by taking advantage of the vulnerability of your property. Alternatively they might use a spare set of keys that they stole. You need to ensure that your property is secure.

Protection For The Future

You can change locks as well as having a security check. This will look at things you could do to make your home more secure. This is helpful if you do not know how they entered your home or want to make sure that there are no vulnerable areas. Our work includes:

  • Installing bars
  • Window boarding and replacement
  • Lock, window, and door repairs
  • Our service offers peace of mind after something like this has happened so you know that your property is secure. It might also be useful to look into getting a safe. This way, more valuable items can be locked away. You can place it out of the way where you know that it is safe and you can access when necessary.

    Call 01604 217 824 to speak to the locksmiths Northampton relies on for premier work even in an emergency. We are the people you can trust in various situations including repossessions and dealing with the aftermath of a break in. Our work is courteous and professional, so have confidence that you can rely on TMN Locksmiths.