Working wonders on your windows

Locks can present their own challenges just like any other security system so it is important that there are measures in place to rectify issues once they present themselves. Providing a comprehensive 24 hour service, our locksmiths are based in Northampton and are fully capable of dealing with a huge variety of problems.

While we may primarily work with locks, security in general is an area we have experience with. Windows for example are one of the aspects of properties that we work on. We come to the aid of those who have suffered a damaged window, whether it is broken glass, a damaged frame, or a problem with a lock. When a window has been damaged, it becomes a vulnerable point in which unwanted individuals can gain access. To help, we provide window boarding and repair services to help secure your property.

Window boarding is the process of installing boards in order to protect your property from storm damage and unlawful entries. Typically, plywood sheets are applied and while short-term boarding is associated with breakages, long-term uses stem more towards unoccupied residences. When we’re at work, the aim is to get the job done as quickly as possible so that the property is secured for as long as is necessary.

No matter the reason for the damaged window, we can repair it with the upmost efficiency. If the damage has come about as the result of burglary, we understand your concerns with wanting to feel safe again. We will work to fix the windows as fast as we can and if we aren’t able to do the job on site, we shall board up the windows in the meantime until repairs are complete.

At TMN Locksmiths our location at Grange Park enables us to have fast access to all of our clients across the city. This means we can be with them typically within 30-45 minutes. Locks and windows are vital to your safety after all, so it is important that any damages are rectified within a small amount of time. Should you require our services, we are only a phone call away.